What is Alter?

Alter is the premier destination to help curate, manage, market and directly distribute NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Where is Alter based?

Alter is a London/Lahore startup with mobile proficiency. This enables us to connect to clients in different time zones with ease, keeping communication fluid.

What do we do?

We enable viral creators from emerging economies to connect with collectors and fans around the world, bridging the gap between creators and collectors one NFT at a time.

What is our process?

We onboard the client’s content to NFT marketplaces (e.g. Foundation, OpenSea, Rarible), as well as market, promote and process all minting/listing procedures.

Do you have examples of your process?

You can find our previous drops via the ‘Gallery’ section of the website.

Is there an onboarding fee?

Fees are calculated on a project-project basis. It will be dependent on the client's content workload, as well as the budget/price point we feel accurately reflects potential sales.